Why Mosquito Is Dangerous

Just remember this much. That tiny little mosquito that landed on your arm a while back? Do not be too sure to laugh it off next time. Because the next time, well, perhaps there won’t be a next time. You could be the next victim. The next time you see a tiny little mosquito, do this rather. Phone in for a mosquito control centreville callout. Not only could it save your life. It could be saving the lives of others.

It could be saving the lives of your loved ones, your family members, even your neighbors and weekend visitors. And if you’re a business owner, it could be saving the lives of your employees as well as your regular customers. You must have already seen the impact of the rate of COVID-19 infections by now. All it takes is just one prick really, if you excuse the unintended expression. And before you know it, the infections have spiralled out of control.

Spreading like wildfire, in other words. You look around you, and there are people literally dropping like flies. It does sound like a disaster flick but this, in reality, is what is happening. No, you don’t want to be a witness to this act. You don’t want to become a victim. You don’t want others to fall foul of the bug. What you would much rather like to see are those mosquitoes dropping. Like flies. And yes.

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There is that too. Those flies. Let them drop too, because they too could spread diseases. And for that matter, you may as well include the ticks and fleas, even the bedbugs. Rats and mice too. Call on qualified, specialist pest control units to help you out with this. They are raring to get to work.