What A Urologist Does

The urologist is a licensed and registered specialist medical practitioner operating within the country’s health services industry. But the robotic urologist makes reference to the advanced surgical tools that the urologist will be utilising during the procedure. The urologic oncologist will be diagnosing and treating cancers connected to the male and female urinary tract, as well as the male reproductive organs.

The organs typically under the microscope if you will include the bladder and the kidneys. In the case of men, it is the prostate, penis and testicles that will be receiving treatment. It is noted that urological cancers are quite common. In fact, cancers of the bladder, kidneys and prostate are listed as the ten most common diagnosed cancers in the country. And prostate cancer is recognised as the most common cancer amongst men.

The urologic oncologist will be treating urinary tract malignancies by way of using a number of tools as well as technologies. This will of course now also include the robotic urologist. Part of the work that the oncologist does entails helping patients to reduce the side effects as a result of the required treatments. In the case of men, the oncologist will be assisting in issues related to sexual function. Ultimately, surgery becomes the main form of treatment.

robotic urologist

It remains necessary in the treatment of numerous urologic cancers. The type of surgery required will be influenced by the type of cancer diagnosed and at what stage it is. For instance, if a urologic cancer has metastasized, treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy. The diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer may require a prostatectomy or biopsy.

The prostatectomy requires the complete removal of the prostate while the biopsy may only require a minor surgical procedure.