Tips For Diffusing A Tense Situation

There are going to be times in life where we have tense situations that need to be resolved.  These situations may or may not be simple or require a specialist to get involved.  When we find ourselves in these situations it is important that we have a mental health crisis response services gulfport available to walk us through the situation.

Don’t panic

When you find yourself in a situation you don’t want to panic.  When we panic, we start to rise up our emotions and as a natural human response we begin to lose focus.  If we lose focus, then we are not going to be effective in defusing any situation that is presented to us.

Talk Calmly

Never show emotion in your response.  Keep a level tone of voice when communicating.  Allow others to speak to get their voices heard.  When we talk calmly, we can really dial in on the words and tones that we use.  It is important that we don’t say something wrong or imply something to be true that isn’t.


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You need to listen to the issues and not jump to judgment.  When we listen, we are able to educate ourselves and find hidden words and tidbits of information that are leaked out.  With this information we can start to guide the conversation.  We don’t want to say we are going to manipulate the chain of events, but we do want to guide the conversation to a positive resolution.


Allow for time.  True, there may be some tense situations that we need to resolve quickly, but still controlling and working with time will help to bring out a positive resolution more often than not.  However, if we force time or don’t allow time to work with us, then events could have a very different outcome.