Dental Implant Procedures Explained

First learn why these dental implant procedures are required. The tooth implant procedure mckinney patients will undergo entails the surgical placement of the dental implants into their jawbones. These implants will be serving as the roots of all missing teeth. Thanks to the titanium material in the implants, these will never slip. They will not make a noise either, nor will they cause any bone damage.

Also note that the materials being utilised will never decay in the same way that normal teeth and even dentures would. In the interim, dental or tooth implants are suitable for the patient if he or she already has one or more missing teeth. He or she would also have a jawbone that has already reached full growth. Adequate bone must also be in place in order to secure the implants. Should that not be the case, a bone graft could be performed.

Furthermore, the patient should already have healthy oral tissues in place. And it would be ideal if the patient did not smoke. But should that be the case, it is recommended that he or she give up this practice in its entirety. Apart from the fact that the regular habit of smoking could lead to lung disease and worse, lung cancer, the habit of smoking could cause complications during the dental or tooth implant procedure.

tooth implant procedure mckinney

The patient should also not have underlying conditions that could negatively influence the process of bone healing. And there should be a healthy commitment to the procedure/s because in certain complex cases, it could take up to two years to complete. It all depends on the patient’s condition initially diagnosed. Motivating factors include a desire to improve speech behavior as well as an unwillingness to wear dentures.